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Howard Terpning Releases 2 New Giclees! October 06 2015

Award-winning western artist Howard Terpning recently released 2 new giclee prints. Published by Greenwich Workshop Publishing, both prints feature the Crow Indian tribe, which resided mainly in the Northwestern U.S. 

The Crow respected and revered what they called “land of the burning ground” or “land of vapors.” Although they lived primarily in the region to the east of what became Yellowstone National Park, the Crow camped and hunted throughout the region.

"Crows in the Yellowstone" is 35"high x 25"wide, and the edition of 125 is already in low inventory. The retail price is $895.

"Tribal Warfare" is 12"high x 16"wide and it is an edition of 175. The retail price is  $345. 

For more information about purchasing these new giclees, go to

www.westernartnow.com/collections/all/howard-terpning or call 1-888-779-2240 or email art@plainsmen.com.

"Crows in the Yellowstone" giclee by Howard Terpning, 35"x25"

"Tribal Warfare" giclee by Howard Terpning, 12"x16"

New Howard Terpning giclee featured at the Fall Harvest Show! October 21 2014

"Telling of Legends" a new giclee by western artist Howard Terpning will be featured at the Fall Harvest Show at The Plainsmen Gallery in Dunedin, Florida. 

The original painting sold at the Coeur d'Alene Auction last year for 1.7million.

Howard Terpning describes this historic piece: "Influencing every part of their lives, the Blackfeet legends included tales of the tribes’ origin, their religion, heroic deeds of their people and the evil ways of their enemies. I’ve tried to capture the mood of a sacred time,” says Terpning, “where a young man learns of his past and his future responsibilities." 

The 31"x51" museum edition canvas is limited to 95 signed and numbered giclees. The retail price is $1,750.

For more information about Howard Terpning prints or the Fall Harvest Show call 1-888-779-2240 or go to www.plainsmen.com/shows.htm.


The Second Geronimo Campaign, New Howard Terpning Giclee Canvas Released! August 09 2014

The Second Geronimo Campaign is a new, historic masterwork giclee by Howard Terpning This signed, limited edition of 95 depicts Apache Scouts helping the U.S. Army track down Geronimo.in 1885. This finally ended the 16-,month war between Geronimo and the U.S. Army. The image size is 40"x21" and the issue price of this new print is $950.

Howard Terpning's original paintings and prints are collected internationally, and he is unquestionably one of the most popular Western Artists living today. His impressive list of awards includes the highest prizes awarded in western art: numerous awards from the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America, the Hubbard Art Award for Excellence, the National Academy of Western Art’s Prix de West and he was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Gene Autry Museum.

The demand for original paintings and prints by Howard Terpning is very high. An original painting by Howard sold for 1.9 million dollars at the Autry Museum "Masters of the American West" Show in February, 2014, and his prints have sold for over $15,000. One of Howard's Masterwork Giclee Prints "The Force of Nature Humbles All Men" has sold for over $20,000 on the secondary art market.

For more information or to purchase prints by Howard Terpning, call The Plainsmen Gallery 1-888-779-2240, go to www.plainsmen.com or email art@plainsmen.com.

"The Second Geronimo Campaign"




"Capturing the Chief's Coat" Award-winning Painting by Howard Terpning is Now Available as a Giclee Print April 11 2014

Howard Terpning's award-winning painting "Capturing the Chief's Coat" set a new price record at the Autry Museum Show in January 2014, and now it is available as a limited edition giclee print.  Due to the small edition size of only 90, this giclee is already sold-out at the publisher and it may be a challenge to locate one.

Here is the artist's description of the painting:

"The United States government produced a series of unique coats to be given to the most highly regarded chiefs of various tribes, which they often wore as symbols of pride. Capturing the Chief’s Coat depicts a Blackfeet war party returning from a raid against the Crow. Along with many horses, they have taken the coat of the Crow chief as a trophy."

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Howard Terpning Painting Sold for $1.9 million at the 2014 Autry Museum Show! February 17 2014

Howard Terpning's new painting "Capturing the Chief's Coat" sold for $1.9 million at the Autry Museum Show "Masters of the American West" on Jan. 31, 2014. This live-auction sale reflects the overall strength of the current U.S. western art market, and highlights Terpning's prominent standing in the market. Terpning is a long-time member of the Cowboy Artists of America, and has been presented with Gold and Silver awards by this prestigious group more than two dozen times.

Due to the strong demand for affordable artwork by Howard Terpning, his publisher has released a new giclee canvas print titled, "The Trackers."  This giclee canvas is 30"Hx32"W, $1250.  For more information or to order this giclee call 1-888-779-2240 or email art@plainsmen.com.


The Trackers, new giclee by Howard Terpning