"Capturing the Chief's Coat" Award-winning Painting by Howard Terpning is Now Available as a Giclee Print April 11 2014

Howard Terpning's award-winning painting "Capturing the Chief's Coat" set a new price record at the Autry Museum Show in January 2014, and now it is available as a limited edition giclee print.  Due to the small edition size of only 90, this giclee is already sold-out at the publisher and it may be a challenge to locate one.

Here is the artist's description of the painting:

"The United States government produced a series of unique coats to be given to the most highly regarded chiefs of various tribes, which they often wore as symbols of pride. Capturing the Chief’s Coat depicts a Blackfeet war party returning from a raid against the Crow. Along with many horses, they have taken the coat of the Crow chief as a trophy."

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